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Friday, July 07, 2006

Fourth of July in the Lower Haight!

Fourth of July on the Rooftop!

To watch this video, click HERE. (or on the picture to the left)

As with all my video content here, you can also DOWNLOAD this movie by moving your cursor over the image to the left and 'right-clicking' if you're on a PC and 'Ctrl+clicking' on a MAC, and then selecting 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' depending on your browser. Firefox and Internet Explorer are slightly different that way.

this is from a fourth of July party i went to at my friend Julia's apartment...kit's a really funny guy....
this was taken with my digital still camera, and its actually an AVI video (microsoft's video format), which has been converted to an mpeg-4 (making it much smaller and easier to download).
since most web browsers (such as firefox and explorer) don't support native AVI video, this clip should play in your browser when you click on Kit's picture, but if it doesn't, I've also taken the liberty of providing it on a webstream. To watch it as a stream on in its native AVI format, click HERE. (you'll notice the playback is much larger than the mpeg. that's because the AVI video is much larger, about 13MB compared to the mpeg, which is about 1MB!)

happy 4th,


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