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this is a blog that features the work of Topstone Media, a San Francisco-based multimedia label. It will feature the video and multimedia stylings of all sorts, so check back regularly for new additions to the page.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


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hey apparently, I've been getting some feedback that the first Love Parade movie wasn't loading in many browsers...bummer--thats why its called a 'beta test.'

   so i've gone ahead and taken the liberty of re-loading the movie into the blog, and im sure this time there won't be any problems...

Please be patient, its a rather long movie, and the file is quite large, so it may take a minute or so to load....but well worth the wait!




Saturday, July 15, 2006

Andrew Casden : Editorial Demo Reel (2006)

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Hello there.

If you're here to view my demo reel, please click on the video image above and the reel should start playing.

Please keep in mind that these segments are that I have produced AND edited.

To contact me, send me an email:

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nitevibe Audiocast Beta Test PARTII

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hey folks, this is a re-post of the pilot for the nitevibe audiocast, since the first one seems to not have been picked up by iTunes, so we're gonna give it one more try here.


the quid pro 

Cool remix track I found (testing audio podcast)

Watch the video

this is a track I'm using to test the RSS enclosure feeds for my podcast on iTunes and FireAnt. they seem to be doing fine grabbing video content, but having some trouble downloading mp3 audio content. maybe i need to post it as an aiff?


if anyone has any ideas, im all ears...



Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Strange Fruit Project: Promo Video!!

to DOWNLOAD the movie:
PC USERS: right-click on the movie picture above and select 'Save Target As' (or sometimes 'Save Link As')
MAC USERS: Ctrl+click on the movie picture above and select 'Save Link As'


hey-- I'd held out long enough...

this is a video I produced and edited for Om Records' Hip-Hop imprint and the Spilt Milk Label in LA. It features the group 'Strange Fruit Project,' and was shot in Miami Beach for the M3 Sunset Session in Miami Beach in March of 2006. Its kinda large (about 35MB), so if you're not too low on disk space, and feel like downloading it, please be patient, it may take a couple of minutes to do its thing....if you're on a PC you have to 'right-click' and select 'save target as', and if you're on a Mac, its Ctrl+click to 'Save Link As'

if you're not into the whole downloading thing and would prefer the instant gratification of streaming playback, I've provided a direct link HERE to, which hosts the majority of my online media. if you click to watch it on blip, i recommend watching it as a mpeg-4 video file, but i think it defaults to a flash video file (.flv). you can change that if you scroll down just a little to where it show the media can select mpeg-4, and it will play back as an mpeg movie.

please feel free to hit me back with feedback and comments--they're always appreciated!


Friday, July 07, 2006

Nitevibe Audiocast >>Beta Test<<

hey there...this is the official Nitevibe 'audiocast' beta test. to listen to this audiomix, click HERE or on the Realplayer image to the left. sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. if you're reading this off my blog page, then be sure to subscribe to this blog as an iTunes podcast by clicking HERE. don't like iTunes? that's cool. you can also subscribe to this blog as a podcast by any other web-based 'blog catcher' by clicking on the orange 'chicklet' on the right side bar and going to any number of sites such as, one of my personal favorites. you can even do it directly from Mozilla Firefox's web browser, which is set up to capture RSS feeds!

also be sure to check out for the latest in bay area DJ culture!

till next time,

Fourth of July in the Lower Haight!

Fourth of July on the Rooftop!

To watch this video, click HERE. (or on the picture to the left)

As with all my video content here, you can also DOWNLOAD this movie by moving your cursor over the image to the left and 'right-clicking' if you're on a PC and 'Ctrl+clicking' on a MAC, and then selecting 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' depending on your browser. Firefox and Internet Explorer are slightly different that way.

this is from a fourth of July party i went to at my friend Julia's apartment...kit's a really funny guy....
this was taken with my digital still camera, and its actually an AVI video (microsoft's video format), which has been converted to an mpeg-4 (making it much smaller and easier to download).
since most web browsers (such as firefox and explorer) don't support native AVI video, this clip should play in your browser when you click on Kit's picture, but if it doesn't, I've also taken the liberty of providing it on a webstream. To watch it as a stream on in its native AVI format, click HERE. (you'll notice the playback is much larger than the mpeg. that's because the AVI video is much larger, about 13MB compared to the mpeg, which is about 1MB!)

happy 4th,

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

audio track intro

Hey. If you want to hear a nice fancy intro for this blog (and here my sexy voice!) then click on the quicktime audio track image to the left, or simply click HERE.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Love Parade doco film from last fall! (beta test)

hey there. so here's my first attempt at posting a video component to this blog, or I guess 'Vlog' as its thus known in the world....I've decided to take the easy way out and copy and paste the URL link from the video sites that host my video content ( and, instead of copying and pasting the entire 'html' code, which i guess is another way to do it...

click HERE to watch the love parade movie.

the next step after this will be to try and set up RSS feeds for those of you out there who would want to subscribe to this Vlog on a regular basis via FireAnt or, ideally, via iTunes. (though iTunes is a bit more fickle about its podcast subscription protocol.)

someday, I plan on hosting this vlog through my FTP server on my own website, but for now, this will do just fine while Im learning the ropes.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Topstone Media on blogger!

hey there!

the topstone media blog is finally here! woo-hoo!

this is the first of many great blog entries over the coming months, so please stay tuned for great updates and a multimedia podcast with my video and audio delicacies!